Around BCI

Interesting places around our hostel

Bangkokian Museum 

is situated in Soi Charoen Krung 43. It reflects the lifestyles of middle-class Bangkokians during World War II (1937-1957). An interesting corner is the kitchen in the old days. Opening hours: 9:00 am - 3:30 PM 

General Post Office 

was once used as the British Embassy. At present, this bulky structure still serves as a post office.

The Assumption Church 

was built in 1822 by Reverend Pascal to honour the Virgin Mary. Later in 1919, it was renovated to accommodate the increasing number of Catholics. Construction materials such as marble and colour stained glass were imported from France and Italy. The church is regarded as the most beautiful Gothic church in Thailand.

OP Place

is a shopping centre which is located in an ancient commercial building built in 1908 AD Initially, the building was constructed as Falck & Beidek Store. Later, the place successively changed its name to Oriental Plaza Shopping Centre and OP Place. Constructed in Neoclassic style, the building consists of two storeys with a three-storey tower at each wing. Three gabled porches are exceptional elegant. Best quality silk, clothes, jewellery, antiques, leather products, carpets, paintings and a variety of handicrafts are available at OP Place. A branch of Chitralada shop selling products under the royal projects is situated here as well. 

Customs House 

is an old Italian-style construction on the river bank. It was completed in 1890. All imported commodities at that time were subject to a 3% tax. Here was where importers paid their money. Though shabby, it is now lodged by families of the fire brigade people.

Wat (temple) Yannawa 

Yannawa is a royal temple established in the Ayutthaya period (1350-1767 AD). In King Rama III's reign (1824-1851) of the Rattanakosin period, the temple was renovated with a pagoda in the form of the Chinese junk of 200 years ago built in memory of this type of seagoing vessel which had played an important role in Thailand's foreign trade. The name Yannawa was bestowed by King Rama III.

Yaowarat Road, Chinatown

Bangkok’s Chinatown is a popular tourist attraction and a food haven for new generation gourmands who flock here after sunset to explore the vibrant street-side cuisine. There are many small streets and alleys full of shops and vendors selling all types of goods. It has been the main centre for trading by the Chinese community since they moved from their old site some 200 years ago. Packed with market stalls, street-side restaurants and a dense concentration of gold shops, Chinatown is an experience not to miss. At day time, it’s no less busy, as hordes of shoppers descend upon this 1-km strip and adjacent Charoen Krung Road to get a day’s worth of staple, trade gold, or pay a visit to one of the Chinese temples.


Patpong is an entertainment district in Bangkok, catering mainly, though not exclusively, to foreign tourists and expatriates. While Patpong is internationally known as a red light district and a famous night market. It has offered souvenirs, gifts, clothes, handbags and jewelry amidst entertainment establishments since the late 1960s. This is one of the best known open air night markets in Thailand


Asiatique has successfully combined two of the most popular shopping experiences in the city: a night bazaar and a mall. Ten minutes downriver from Saphan Taksin BTS station this once-bustling international trade port has been transformed, with over 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants housed under a huge replica warehouse complex. Open from 17:00, spending an evening here is no problem: you’ll have good fun browsing the boutiques, picking up gifts or something for yourself; you are guaranteed to find something you would like to eat and if this isn’t enough entertainment, shows are performed nightly: Calypso ladyboy cabaret and soon, a classic Thai puppets performance. As well as all this food and shopping, the two biggest entertainment draws are the Thai puppets by Joe Louis Theatre and Calypso Cabaret, one of Bangkok’s celebrated ladyboy shows. Both these shows have been attracting large audiences for years, and Asiatique is the perfect new surrounding for them, offering so much more than just a performance.